Applegate Orchards NY

U-Pick in Tioga County




Apple Variety: Gala
Approximate Availablility: September 2
Flavor: Sweet
Best Use: Fresh Eating, Excellent Keeper
Origin: Golden Delicious x Cox Orange Pippin, New Zealand





Apple Variety: Macintosh
Approximate Availablility: September 10th
Flavor: Sweet and Juicy
Best Use: Fresh Eating and Sauce
Origin: Fameuse x Detroit Red, St. Lawrence River 1811



Honey Crisp


Apple Variety: Honey Crisp
Approximate Availability: September 15
Flavor: Sweet-tart and Juicy
Best Use: Fresh Eating and Baking
Origin: Macoun x Honeygold, U. of Minn 1991



Crimson Crisp



Apple Variety: Crimson Crisp
Approximate Availablility: September 20th
Flavor: Tart and Juicy
Best Use: Fresh Eating
Origin: Rome Cross, Disease Resistant, Purdue, Rutger Univ.


Ginger Gold


Apple Variety: Ginger Gold
Approximate Availablility: Mid August
Flavor: Sweet-Tart
Best Use: Fresh Easting, Salad, Sauce
Origin: Chance Seedling, Virginia