Applegate Orchards NY

U-Pick in Tioga County

     2012  Season

 The U-Pick 2012 Season was forced into being an early one due to a very early, warm Spring that caused early crops. Then, suddenly the orchards were exposed to cold and even freezing temperatures and winds, which endanger crops and trees. 

 Most all of the fruits were protected and our damage was limited. Thus, the 2012 growing season was underway early, with a bang!

 Having added to Applegate Orchards NY, the orchards now yield six different varieties of apples including:

Honey Crisp - Crimson Crisp - Gala

MacIntosh - Ginger Gold - Red Delicious

 This year's u-pick season will be closing at the end of September, due to  the early start. But watch for more  and new fruit next season!

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