Applegate Orchards NY

U-Pick in Tioga County

Applegate Orchards Beginnings

Applegate Orchards NY began the first U-pick apple orchard in Tioga County in the Spring of 2010. Family members did all the preparations, planting and pruning with lots of TLC.

Located north of Owego, Applegate Orchards NY yielded plenty of hard work and, with much consideration, the first orchard yielded plans for more orchards and more varieties of delicious apples for all uses.

In 2011, apples at Applegate Orchards NY were plenteous and sweet. The beginning harvest season coincided with the worst flooding season known for the Southern Tier area of New York and 100 bushels of apples were distributed to the flood victims in the town of Owego. Plenty more were harvested by local people until the last apple was... well... the last apple of the season!

Next season, in 2012, many more delicious apples are expected than even this past season with the many varieties added and coming to bear. Now there are several orchards to choose from and you'll enjoy a wonderful view of nature's beauty while U-pick at your convenience at Applegate Orchards NY.

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