Applegate Orchards NY

U-Pick in Tioga County


     Our Picking Season has come to a CLOSE. We want to THANK our Loyal Customers for enduring the "Slim Pickin's" along with us this season!! See you again next year!!
The Orchard gates are opening on Saturday, September 3,2016.          
     Due to the heavy frost early this spring, we have experienced a 90-95% loss on all of our varieties. Then with the lack of rain, the fruit that we do have is slow in maturity. However, we will be opening with the support of other Northern orchards that didn't get the heavy frost that we experienced. Available at our opening will be some Ginger Golds and Gala. Please bear in mind that these varieties and others are still ripening. We expect to have many more varieties available more toward the end of September. We certainly appreciate your patience and patronage here at Applegate Orchards. We will continue to provide you with the best products available as best as we can.                                                                                                        On a better note, the frost has NO bearing on donuts and those we have and will have LOTS of!! See you soon!! 
      If you aren't sure how to get here, we are located just off of McLean Rd.  Coming from Rt. 38 we are the first right hand turn off of McLean.  Head ALL the way CAN'T miss us!!!
                                          We are open
                                 Saturday 9-5 - Sunday 1-4.      
            We are looking forward to seeing you and in advance,    
                                   "Thanks for pickin' us!!!"